2011 and 2012 Update


The focus in Ghana was on the support provided to the Akropong School for the Blind (ASB) in Ghana.  The items donated and shipped to the ASB including toys, Braille Writers, Braille Paper, Slate and Stylus were received at the school.  CITA foundation representatives met with school staff and provided training and advice on the use of the equipment received.

The Akyeremade Children’s Home and Learning Center project was suspended awaiting the enstoolment of a new town chief to settle and finalize all land issues and supervise resumption of construction at the village level.  The building foundation had been completed in 2006.  A new chief was enstooled December 2011.

Progress was marked by the following activities:

Akyeremade Children's Home and Learning Center, Ghana

Borehole for water supply, costing about $12,000.00 was completed in September 2012.  With installation of a new village chief the way was cleared for resumption of pre-school building construction.  The architect had completed the Akyeremade Preschool section plans in prior years so contractual arrangements were finalized.  The construction has resumed January 2013 – Two year project.  The Total estimated cost for completing and furnishing the pre-school buildings is about $1,000,000.  The elementary boarding school will be on adjacent land.

Akropong School for The Blind (ASB), Ghana

CITA representatives met with the school leadership to prepare plans for a 2013 workshop for teachers.

Arrangements have been made for orgainizing a 2013 Event to show case ASB and Needs of the Blind in Ghana.  Priority set for orientation and mobility training for students and staff – blind or visually impaired. Continue 2013 Update
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